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PaperMemory automatically records and organizes the papers you read, without ever leaving your browser.

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PaperMemory is designed to be a fast, automated and user-friendly in-browser reference manager, with tons of features to make your life easier.

  • Parse papers you open automatically

    Papers are stored in your Memory automatically, without a click. You can then search them, tag them, take personal notes etc.

    See the main features and get PaperMemory from your browser's extension store ( Chrome / Brave / Firefox / Edge):

    Getting started

  • Match preprints to publications

    By querying SemanticScholar, DBLP and CrossRef, PaperMemory can discover the proper publication of Arxiv pre-prints.

    Preprint Matching

  • You live in your browser? So do your papers

    Share papers to your favorite apps by copying:

    • a BibTex entry for Overleaf
    • a Markdown link [title](url) link for Github, HackMD or Notion
    • a HyperText link for emails, Google Docs, Slack, etc.

    Memory buttons

  • Discover code repositories

    Using the PapersWithCode API, PaperMemory will match code repositories with papers in your Memory.

    Code discovery

  • Enhance

    Display the actual pubication venue of published papers, a link to the code repository, copy the BibTex entry etc.

    Arxiv Enhancements

  • Instantly copy .bib-compatible bibliography entries

    Export a paper's BibTex entry directly from the extension, or bulk export BibTex entries by paper tag. You can even use PaperMemory to update the ArXiv entries of a stand-alone .bib file.

    Bibliography tools

  • Highly customizable

    Change the theme to light or dark, control the default link copied to your clipboard, add links to SciRate / HuggingFace Papers / Ar5iv / ArxivSanity, trigger parsing manually, export / import papers etc.


  • And many more features!

    Github Gist synchronization, regex-based automatic paper tagging, arbitrary website parsing to record Blog posts or dataset websites, etc.

    All features